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So I did some impromptu cam sessions Saturday night~ I love My new MACBook Pro laptop so much~ it’s really making My life better… I love that I don’t have to be in My office/art studio anymore when I want to go online~ I can be anywhere in the house or even outside! Anyway, I tortured and teased a few boys this weekend, but the highlight was *goldenboy*… lol, I won’t go into all the details but the site of him plucking his beard hair out w/tweezers and then taping it to his tongue was just super precious and unforgettable. I’m sure that he thought that him eating a big pile of his pubic hair was much more impressive, but really, I liked the duct taped beard hairs the best. It was like I could feel the prickles while I watched him… a really awful feeling… like having a sore throat, but on your tongue.. eww. Speaking of sores, lol, cocksucker angie has a stupid coldsore which prevented her from going out to suck cock this weekend, so that was lame, BUT she did have the pleasure of being told that she will be funding another Halloween in New Orleans Extravaganza this year. Yea! I don’t have any big trips planned currently~ there are some boys in Sweden that I would like to go visit ~ so I think Eastern Europe will be My next destination~ thinking Sweden, Germany, Austria, and maybe Russia. We are definitely doing NYC for My birthday~ whooping it up at Paddles and going back to Rawhide to find scott the queer lololol. Why didn’t I think to get that bitch’s number?

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