Learn from his mistake

Here is a classic example of how fuckface idiots confuse serving with everything else that isn’t serving….


This loser has been nipping at my heels for YEARS.  I say nipping because I’ve barely given him the time of day.  Why not, you ask? Simple answer.. he has barely given me any money.  Ta da!

Anyhoo, he keeps clicking on a particular PTV I have for sale on Niteflirt called “Sexy Sissy Wimp Humiliation” .  LOL the price is $20 even though I referred to it as being only $10 or $15 in my message to him.. I didn’t bother to fact check, but whatevs.  The point is that he:

1. Is under the impression that buying tasks on Niteflirt constitutes serving. #Nope

2. Has the nerve to say he’s UNDER CONTRACT to someone else but is still obsessively clicking on my shit and thinks it’s ok because he’s “negotiating to get out of it?” #Tacky

3. Thinks that I’d WANT HIM to serve me after that disgusting display??? #Delusional

4. I’m not even touching on the “really know you” part… #eyeroll

Frankly, it’s gross.  Boys can call, click, and spend all day long and it will NEVER be considered “serving” in my opinion.  How exactly is he “serving” this other person that he apparently was serious enough about to sign a contract ?

It’s not up to the other party to decide they are serving me.  Even when you buy my slave application there is no guarantee that I will accept you.  Sorry, NOT sorry.  The only thing you are serving when you call me, buy me things, or buy my things is my purse…. and that’s perfectly fine, in fact, it’s preferred.  Pay per minute to pretend per minute that you have what it takes to truly serve me.

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