Life is good…

As the first month of this year is coming to a close, I couldn’t help but take note that it’s definitely off to a great start! I’m coming up on My one year anniversary with My sissy slut (MissPinkysbikiniman) and that is super exciting because not only has our relationship grown, I’ve really noticed that she’s grown as a person (not just a slave) and even though her spelling and grammar is horrible, lol, I still love her to death! 

There are 2 puppies  (paul & bucky) who love to keep My feet warm and My brain massaged~ I adore you both.  One of you is My favorite Scrabble opponent and the other is My favorite tortured soul who has not only mastered the art of banter, but can lay down some pretty damn good short stories.  Both of you have primo taste in shoes.

My canuck shithead: even though you can’t seem to figure out how to properly make love to a cupcake, your taste in socks totally rocks. 

And to My other canuck dweebie: keep the ball rolling and your glass full. 

And last, but not nearly least, My *good morning ny* subbie~ your talent for getting Me from “just woke up & cranky” to “happy to start My day” is a gift that keeps on giving. 

As for My owned slaves and random tributers that I’ve not mentioned here: it’s only because you pale in comparison to those mentioned above.  Get it together boys.

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