Little blue boxes

mmmmmmmmm yummies… today 2 little robin’s egg blue boxes wrapped in juicy berry red ribbos arrived on My doorstep from mouchie. I’m going to be a good girl and save them to open on Xmas day, even though I already know what’s inside them and My neck is aching with lust to wear their contents. See? Even Dommes practice discipline exercises once in awhile. There isn’t anything disciplined about the menu for My Xmas Party, however, it’s all out gluttony. I’m doing a traditional Italian Xmas Feast for 12:
spinach artichoke dip w/parmesan artichoke straws
kalamata olive tapenade w/pistachio crackers
hummus w/herbed crackers
kalamata olive caviar in pastry cups
spinach pie in pastry cups
shrimp cocktail
variety of cheeses

italian bread/butter
mixed green salad
roasted brussel sprouts
cranberry sauce
sweet potato & cranberry hash
fried peppers & onions

Main Dish:
Spiral Ham
Italian Hot & Sweet Sausage
Homemade Meatballs (Granny’s recipe)
Ziti w/Meat Sauce (Granny’s recipe)
Ziti w/Marinara Sauce

Homemade cookie assortment
Homemade chocolate cherry fudge
Dark chocolate covered Pomegranates
Hershey’s cherry kisses
Red Velvet Snowball cupcakes
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie in pastry cups
Italian Cream Cake

I’m seeking a garbage eater who’s interested in a goodie bag from this menu.

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    You are so right Miss Pinky the desire to be sure one does address it and write so You can read it does create anxiety in one for i have been there myself. Putting it in the mail is most certainly different than online for my personal.
    Happy New Year Miss Pinky and May 2010 be Your Best Year yet.
    An Admirer,

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