Manbaby Needs A Diaper Change!

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a classic example of the commonly found “manbaby”. Watch him act up and mess his diapee! See him whine, cry out, dribble piss, and FIB into his feedback ba-ba like a widdle brattybrat…what a pathetic loser, omg!!! Only powerless dorks do shit like this, gross! Oopsie doodle!, the outcome always remains the same: manbabies stay denied, rejected, and left alone to drown in rivers of their own rancid piss….

So, first he calls my Ignore Line looking for Forced Confusion. I tell him to call an appropriate conversation line, so he dials my Foot & Shoe Fetish line and inquires again about the brainwashing….eyeroll…ok, so I ask if he’s purchased my Forced Confusion clips and he says “no” (off to a FAB start!). I explain that he MUST watch the clips and that his assignment is to buy ALL, watch ALL, and THEN call back to discuss the effects.

Then I hang up, send him a link, and proceed to teeter on the edge of my seat in anticipation of his next call (jk, I was bullshitting around on twitter talking hummus).

As expected, (surprise, surprise!) he did not follow through, not even a teeny tiny bit, and voila (!) he calls back. THIS time on my Femdommes listing (getting warmer!) and I ask him WHY he’s calling w/out any clip purchases. His response? “i already bought them all”. LOL, I laughed in his face and hung up. As his payment history proves, since 2013, he has purchased exactly a 6 clips in 3 years. I have quite a few more than 6 Forced Confusion clips, duhhhhh (see them here)
Now read the feedback he pooped out……(click pic to enlarge)
UPDATE: HA! Niteflirt removed 2 of his 3 idiot feedback due to OBVIOUS harassment <3 Thanks niteflirt!!!

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