mike ogan: idiot pervert

dear mike ogan,
I’m posting a screenshot of your message to me for my friends to laugh at. Yours was, by far, one of the stupidest, most ridiculous messages I’ve ever received on Niteflirt. Not only did you create your account today via one of my affiliate links (smart!), but you didn’t even bother clicking on any of my PTV buttons (smart! why waste more of my time clicking things you don’t intend to ever pay for?!). Nope, you went straight for that Send Mail button, and OMG, you were in SUCH a RUSH to communicate with me (to show me that YOU are a SERIOUS kinda guy, right ? wink wink!), you totally forgot to send a tribute with your message. NO worries, though, mikey! I replied to your message with a PTV just for funsies and then I blocked you <3 mikeogan

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