More Galore

cocksucker angie’s trip total savings to date= $780 as of last night.  The new arrangement is that when she sucks on tuesday nights, the profit goes towards the trip and saturday nights go to ME, but this past tuesday that whore only pulled in $10 so I told her I’d allow half of last night’s ($140) take go towards the trip~ aren’t I nice?  
Let’s see.. what else… oh yes, so kristoff was drunk last night and somehow admitted that he’d like to serve cocksucker angie, so I’m thinking about using some of his amazon gc trib to buy a skanky pair of panties for angie to get fucked in and then kristoff can gag himself with them… party!
Hmmm…77 has proposed that I take over his profile on mfds.. I’m considering it.  I do so enjoy shopping via his ebay account….
Oh and the brain damaged bumbler… yes.. he proposed writing a series of fictional findom stories and wanted My assistance and thought that #1 I’d find that sort of thing interesting, and #2 that I’d find it appealing when he said that  some of the stories would be about Me.  Apparently he neglected to notice that I’m an extremely private person and blogging occasionally is about as self promotional as I go.  Not to mention the fact that why the fuck would I waste My time collaborating with a twit that I barely know when I’m perfectly happy writing My own crap whenever I damn well please. 
..but to end on a lighter note, lol, this cracks Me up… I gave a little task or something  ( I don’t recal what it was ) to a boy who upon finishing it said to Me: "Do I get a gold star?" …he’s such a fag… so I replied with: "No, but you get a pink triangle"
Oh and to the little mousy haired twit who has taken it upon herself to spout shit where it doesn’t belong: better watch out where you’re spouting honey, because it looks like some of that shit has bounced right back on your ugly face.
ta ta!

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