MORE than this…

“You’re more than just a *do it, baby…. give it to me, pig* kind of Domme”…..

I hear that often, and it never ceases to please Me.  It’s quite correct.  While I do care very deeply about your sexuality and how you express it, I have zero interest or intent to blatantly place Myself before you as a receptacle.  Yes, you will worship Me, and yes, you will fall in love with Me~ it’s undeniable.  Your lust for Me will be endless.  However, this fantasy will always be.. just in your mind. You can’t ever have My physical form… My tangible self.  All you have is the gift of My energy, My aura, My essence. 

Bite this apple and be Mine.

Savor the juices as they dribble down your chin.

   While I may tempt you on a daily basis, My temptations are not in expected form.  I do not allow you to see Me in a state of undress ~ you may be blessed with a quick peek of a panty on rare occasion, but I do not see any point in spoiling you.  It’s ME who will be spoiled.  It’s ME who will receive the daily pleasures.  You will give until you are exhausted, both financially and emotionally and then you will look upon My smiling face and the motivation to do MORE courses through your veins and you cannot help yourself.  You need Me and the cycle starts again.  The feeling you get when you sacrifice yourself for Me brings you such pleasure~ it’s near equal to orgasm and WILL eventually surpass it.

Express yourself for Me.  Do it.  Give it to Me.  I want you to service My lust for MORE.

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