Naughty Tidbits Part 1

Dear diary…
I’ve been waiting for weeks for this trip…it’s been a long time~ years~ since I’d last done any sort of RT (realtime) play/session.  As we both knew, it was like riding a bicycle~ you don’t forget how to ride, you just hop on and cruise and arch your back when it gets a little bumpy…

Sunday May 18th
8am: Wake up, have coffee and hop online to check messages.  Oh~ an oldie but goodie subbie is on and proves to be good for a last minute trip tribute via Western Union. 
10am: Finish last minute packing and begin overpacking because there is still room in the bag.
Noon: Arrive 30 minutes early to pick up Pearl to take her to the airport and lucky for Me, she is ready and waiting like the gem that she is.
1pm: Drinking a *Crabby Bloody Mary* in BWI Airport and calling a last minute shopping slave from New Jersey for a possible meet.
2pm: Boarding
2:35pm: Drinking a Miller Light in flight and making fun of Stormy and Summer and Howard the *air hostesses*
3pm: Landing @ LaGuardia Airport in NYC
3:15pm: Remembering how depressing LaGuardia airport is compared to so many others and reminiscing about those in Bangkok and Hong Kong
4pm: Watching Pearl smoke, waiting for a shuttle into Manhattan, being critical of those around us.
5pm: On the phone w/Paolo @ the front desk of The Manhattan hotel demanding a better room because I rarely stay in the first room I’m given in a hotel.
6:30pm: Getting a sidelong glance from a stern Vietnamese man as he recites the beer list for Pearl.
6:45pm-Midnite: Eating summer rolls, grilled beef w/grape leaves, shrimp citrus salad, and crispy duck w/peanut sauce and plotting a trap to lure My ex fart sniffing boy into.  Once he arrived there was no turning back and the next few hours were spent teasing, denying, humiliating, and upping the ante.  It peaked with the boy confessing to all sorts of sordid sexual escapades and then being tricked into drinking a fresh glass of Miss Pearl’s Pee.  I sent Pearl a text  (at the table, in plain view of everyone) that she should take her empty glass into the bathroom with her and pee into it and come back to the table as if it was a drink for the boy~ whom , by the way, was not drinking anything at that point.  He took one sip and looked Me in the eye and said: This is urine! Then he smiled and took another sip and continued to drink and bask in the glow of our glory.
12:30am: falling asleep w/the TV on dreaming of what the next day would have in store…
To Be Continued…

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