New assignment for tepmot.. part 1

     Ok teppers, since you’ve been such a good boy, here’s a new task for you~ and you also get the added humiliation of having everyone who reads My journals know what you’re going to be up to, lol.  Things you’ll need for this task: soft pink ribbon (purchased from craft store~ buy a spool of it), a pink spatula (Kitchen Aid makes a line of pink/breast cancer kitchen tools~ sold at Macy’s, Linens & Things, Bed Bath Beyond, etc ~ look online if you have to),  a dozen eggs, pink food coloring, bottle of white vinegar, 2 salt bagels (let them sit out and get stale/hard), and a package of bacon.  hahah can you guess what we’re going to be doing? Making an omelet out of your huevos, maybe???  Let Me know when all items are purchased~ get the non perishables first.


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