New Goodies For Me & you!

I’m pleased to report that the first installment of My complete outfit from lil twinkie wannabe has arrived~ the red leopard print skirt

is here! yay!  That was super fast , considering I’m still waiting for the sunglasses to arrive…lame! (get me an update, twinkie!)


I really hope he doesn’t plan on taking TOO long to order the rest of the goodies, because I’m just dying to wear this skirt! Wouldn’t it be fun to pop it’s cherry right before his very eyes?! Not too sure if he deserves it, OR if he’d survive it! We’ll see.. hahahhah.  Lil twinkerton has never had the privilege of seeing me on cam.  It’s going to be a BIG deal when it happens.

In the meantime, I do have a goodie for you all.. another lil audio sample, called “So Embarrassed”,  which you can listen to ONLY on ~ so sorry to the suckers who are not members!

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