Niteflirt follies

After turning on my lines for the first time in ages, my line has literally been flooded with calls.  It seems like my callers are either really really cool & hip & smart or just TOTAL idiots and utter fools! I had one guy call me that collects vintage lingerie which is a habit I share, too, so we chatted about different designers, styles, and fabrics and how they feel on the skin… that was an awesome call! I also had a lady call me.. omg a timid little church mouse type who wanted to engage in phone sex (something I do NOT do) and she kept loading her account with more and more money to try to entice me… between you and I, I think she got what she came for (a good tease and DENIAL session).  Today my morning started off with a classic call from a midget dick porn addict.. ugh.. I become so uber aware of what a massive amount of moron males there are in this world and the only upshot is that 1. I have an amazing husband and 2. The morons will PAY and PAY every time AGAIN and AGAIN.  It’s their ONLY chance at contact with a woman who understands them.. their need for having a silver tongue lashing on a constant basis. You will never be able to repay your debt to Dominant Greedy Women.. we will keep TAKING and TAKING from you as long as you exist.

Give me a call sometime..

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