NO Orgasms For You!

Ooooh I love to deny you! Indulge yourself in these two “Ruined Orgasm” themed clips!
Tricky Tease: Ruined Orgasm
I’m such a tricky tease! You don’t know if you’re coming or going in this 4.26 minute mp3 audio featuring my sultry sensual voice and infamous giggle. Not only am I going to seductively ruin your orgasm, but I’m also predicting a pretty dried up future for your career as a chronic masturbation addict! You’re SO dick dumb, that it’s simple for me to brainwash your boner into letting me do whatever I want with it, including locking it up in chastity! Buy Tricky Tease on Niteflirt Now

Orgasmless Future
I don’t need a crystal ball, a cookie, or a ouija board to predict your future, lol, I already have it all planned out and I’m in control! Good boys get rewards, bad boys get hurt! Enjoy this 5.23 min Forced Confusion brainwashing clip featuring a ruined orgasm/chastity theme. Lots of layered audio, some whisper tracks, optical illusions, mindfuck metaphors, hypnotic erotica, and sensually humiliating sex symbols! I recommend watching in the dark, pants down, and sound up! (This clip features my Tricky Tease Ruined Orgasm mp3 track with additional bonus audio tracks). Buy Orgasmless Future on Niteflirt Now


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