No Real Men Necessary….

I’m sure I’m not the only one who received this INCREDIBLY TEMPTING leg fetish clip request…. I had to decline it, though, because I’m only into making clips where I have to hire a room full of “real men” as extras.

Mary James <>

Oct 13 (1 day ago)

to me
 Hi sexy. You so! so! sexy. You wear short skirt and black heel have on in clip below bare legs no stocking. You want see how much attention can get when walk in room full men. You walk in room sexy walk in room. You see all men stop talk and start look at you mesmerized.  Face camera at all time, you camera show waist down floor at all time. You sit chair cross you sexy bare legs. You see men in room can’t take eyes off you, so you no pay attention them. You take book out you start read no pay attention men. With you sexy bare legs crossed you start hard toe tap floor. Balance way back on heel then slam toe of shoe down hard to floor. Balance and slam toe right back down, and sometime balance way back wait bit stay on heel then slam toe of shoe hard down floor. Now you see men start get aroused when see hear sound toe tap. Now you switch legs and start toe tap again for while. Then you uncross sexy legs and start toe tap with legs uncrossed giving them slight up skirt shot. After while you finally get up and sexy walk out room. No real men in room it pretend. I so love you sexy tattoo legs.
Big Fat Greedy Calves

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