Nobody likes a fat cockwhore….

So, My slavewhore angie (


)the cocksucking bikini panty wearing blubber butt is going on a diet.  A serious one.  She’s making a list of every food item in her fridge and pantry and I will analyze the list to see what needs to go and what can stay.  On sunday I’ll be on the phone with her while *we* grocery shop for a new list of items that I will have composed prior.  Angie will also be getting a daily menu planned out by Yours Truly which will be chock full of lowfat, low sugar, delicious tasting easy to make meals.  The only thing that should be fat on that whore is her wallet.

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  1. haha Pinky!!! Can’t wait to see what she can have and not have!! I have a few cookbooks will shitty tasting food from the start of this diabetes crap.. and they are low fat — low sugar– let me know if ya want them 😛

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