NY Antics Part 2

So.. Day 2~ Monday April 19th…

Pearl wakes up first and makes hotel coffee ~ it smells yummy but it’s not enough to get Me out of bed just yet.  I wanted to lounge some more.  I love hotel beds~ and this one was no exception.  It was very marshmallowy and enveloped Me like a sweet embrace.  I floated in and out of consciousness until about 10 when I finally decided I was ready to start the day.   Mmmm a little breakfast in bed consisted of a  black and white moon cookie~ a NY staple.  A little chocolate, A little vanilla, and oh so delicious in My mouth.  So with a  sugar kickstart, I hopped in the shower and got dressed.   The outfit I chose for monday was a leopard print pencil skirt with a black top & black lace front shrunken cardigan, black fishnets, and a pair of 1940’s retro wedge platform peeptoe pumps in black suede.  Blisters be damned!   LOL in spite of at least 3 different nasty blisters that I got from traipsing all over town the night before, we still managed to walk at least 100 blocks that day. 
As Pearl and I window-shopped our way over to Chelsea to meet sweetpea and Privy, we couldn’t help but giggle and swoon.  Springtime in New York and the air was a buzzing with a delicious combo of nerves, excitement, and chemistry.  You know~ it’s that good vibration that you get when everything is falling into place and you realize yet again just how wonderful your life really is.

Anyway~ we stopped a great little Asian Fusion restaurant on 7th Ave and each had a delicious *lunch box*.  I had lemongrass chicken  and a fresh mint lemonade and Pearl had Honey Chicken and a beer.  Everything was perfect.  The restaurant was empty save for the table close to us~ it sat 4 confident, gorgeous, and athletic looking women with shiny hair and expensive bags.  We eavesdropped on their conversation for awhile and it momentarily crossed My mind to invite them to come with us.  They chattered on about Fluevog shoes, parties, and *the island*.  Little did I know, they were a foreshadowing glimpse to a woman we’d meet later that night.
3pm: Time to walk over to 23rd street to Purple Passion, the fetish store, the agreed upon meeting place and *stage*.  Pearl and I arrived first (of course, lol)~ we basked in the sunshine like cats ~so relaxed~ so content. I watched Pearl smoke and purposely stood with My back to Seventh Ave.  Because I know where sweetpea works,  I was able to determine which  direction he would be coming from.  It was very important that his first view of Me was to be from behind.   Looking back on it now, I realize that we never once considered that sweetpea might back out.  We were confident that he was a sure thing and, upon arrival, there would be no turning back. 

To be continued…(and hopefully Pearl will get some pics up soon )

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