NYC Antics Part 3…

     Ok ok… so … where were we? Oh yes, standing out in the sun… awaiting the arrival of little sweetpea… 

      I knew he was right behind Me when I saw Pearl’s already sparkling eyes glimmer even brighter.  I turned to the left and there he was~ taller than I, but still so very, very small.  His cheeks were already aflame and little beads of sweat littered his brow.  It was very amusing to see him in *work clothes*~ dress shirt, tie, etc… but on his back, like a rather large monkey, was a satchel full of dreams, lol: diapers, panties, etc.  This rather ordinary looking boy was not very ordinary at all.  Not in the least.  We exchanged hellos and I was rather amused at watching sweetpea fumble~ the poor thing was at a loss for etiquette and didn’t know whether to shake My hand, kiss it, bow, or curtsey… so I humiliated him by not allowing him the glory of any of that at all.  I instructed him to shake Miss Pearl’s hand and then I steered him towards the door and whispered in his ear that he was to go in first, announce our presence, and ask if we would be allowed to take photos , which sadly, they denied.  Boo hiss!
      Once inside, we headed straight for the back of the shop where all the clothing is kept.   Pearl and I immediately began stroking satin corsets, rubber waist cinchers, and skyscraper shiny patent leather high heels.  For a few moments, we were lost in our own world and completely oblivious of the sissy we had in tow.  Our reverie was broken when I spotted an oversize *onesie* hanging on a rack~ for sure one of the goofiest things I’ve ever seen.  It was cheaply made of thin flannel and had a pattern of a cartoon dog (blue’s clues) all over and came w/a matching bonnet.  I snatched it off the rack and thrust it at sweetpea~ "Go try this on", I snapped.  He appeared to be delighted by the idea and immediately agreed and ducked behind the makeshift curtain of the dressing room. 

     Sadly, it wouldn’t fit him, so we chose a different one.  This one, while not as cute, had a pattern of footprints all over it which is so symbolic for a subbie, lol!  A few minutes later he appeared on the floor, his whole body red as a beet, looking like a complete fool.  I tied the bonnet under his chin and it was all I could do to contain My laughter.  The combination of the bonnet and his beard was just too much.  I sent him to walk around the store and *show off* while Pearl and I chose his second outfit: a pale pink maid’s dress.  This one seemed a bit more appropriate for some reason.  Maybe it was just the pink that swayed Me, lol.  We had him twirl around a bit~ we stalled, hoping someone else would enter the store.. it was so eerily quiet.  I grabbed the biggest most pooffiest crinoline I’ve ever seen and tossed it to sweetpea.  He was like a bull in a china shop trying to put it on and maneuver himself down the narrow store aisles in search of a cock gag that I’d asked him to locate for Me.  The owner was glaring at him as the *poof* of his skirts were threatening to knock down crops and dildos galore.  It was then that the owner asked us if we were there just to play of if we would be buying anything.  Total buzzkill.  I’ve patronized that business many times, as has sweetpea and we had every intent of dropping some cash in there, but at that point, I was ready to walk out because of his snarky tone.  That jerk LOST business that day.  I allowed sweetpea the option of purchasing one item~ either the onesie or a cock-gag, and he looked at Me adoringly and asked which one I preferred him to have.  That was a no brainer~ the cock gag, of course! 

     Sweetpea changed back into his street clothes and finally Miss Privileged arrived (fashionably late like a true Queen).  The 3 of us girls chitchatted at the front of the store while sweetpea was ignored and left to purchase his new toy.  The second the credit card slip had been signed and the transaction was complete, I snatched it out of his hands, tore off the packaging, and strapped him in.  What a sight to see! Finally, this overgrown boy looked like he was comfortable in his own skin.  Funny how a black rubber cock in a boy’s mouth will do that.  I teased him by telling him he had to walk one city block while wearing it.  Poor baby~ his big cow eyes rolled towards Me~ pooling with tears~ lids starting to lower~ the redness creeping up his neck.  His shoulders slumped and he was defeated.  It was then and only then that I relieved him of his mental anguish and assured him that not only did he really not have to do that, but that I was there to protect him and I would never make him do something that I knew for sure he could not do.  I merely wanted to see his reaction.  Ta da!  I love being a Manipulatrix! I don’t have *Man’s Ruin* tattooed on My chest for nothing!
     Ok, so with the mood lightened and the gorgeous addition of Miss Privy we exited the store and headed up 23rd towards 8th ave to the Rawhide  bar.  Time for cocktails and the real games to begin!!!  We ordered sweetpea to walk about 10 paces behind us~ gotta love torturing that boy with such a fine view!  At one point, Pearl decided he was still too close and ordered him to back the fuck up. LOLOL.  Precious.  Like the good little puppy that he is, he trotted along ready to do whatever we asked of him.

     If you don’t know about the Rawhide, it’s one of the most infamous gay leather bars in NYC~ it has a stripper pole, very dim lighting, and it reeks of stale cum and spoiled beer.  Perfecto!  Now keep in mind, little sweetpea has never been in a gay bar before~ poor little sheltered puppy.  We parked ourselves on some barstools and settled in.  Pearl ordered cocktails for the ladies and sweetpea was only allowed to drink the cheapest draft beer.  We toasted to a fabulous day and as My glass clinked w/sweetpea’s , I leaned in towards him as if I was going to whisper in his ear, but I craned My neck even further, past his head and into the space of the cute queer on the barstool next to him who was currently shoving glazed donuts between his lips.  My wheels were turning and the fun was really about to start. 

To be continued….

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