Peeps In Your Pants

Ok, it’s looking pretty good that there is a lucky loser who has volunteered himself to play Pass The Key with Me and 4 other fabulous Dommes.  I’ll be revealing more details about that shortly.  

Today I want to tell you about a new humiliation task I want all available boys to work on~~ and by available I mean: available, willing to do a little leg work, having a sense of humor, and not afraid to show off.

I want to know who can stuff the most Peeps in their pants…and by pants, I mean panties.  Here’s a hint: you can stuff more into bikini panties as opposed to a thong.  I want photos and a final count of how many Peeps you stuffed around your own lil peeper…and if your number matches the number that I’m thinking of, you’ll win a prize!!!  You can submit photos, video, or go on cam live.



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