Pet Peeve #346:

If you are new to Me you really ought to be on your toes/knees at ALL times. Sure, sending fat lumps of cash is a good way to get My attention, however, honestly, any dorkwad can do this~ it’s really not that difficult to hand over your paycheck.  What is difficult is keeping My attention and interest.  If I give you an assignment with a deadline, I expect you to meet that deadline.  Don’t get Me wrong, I’m reasonable~ if I assign you a deadline and you know that it is going to be near impossible to meet, then TELL ME right away… it will be adjusted… or if you’re in the wee hours of your deadline approaching and you realize it won’t be met, then TELL ME right away!!! Is this concept really too difficult to comprehend?  It is a serious pet-peeve of Mine to have a boy miss a deadline and then say something to the effect of: “Oh, I’m sorry, I was busy“.  Ok, fine, we ALL get busy at some point, but seriously? Why not let Me know BEFORE you miss the deadline????  And then I hear things like: “Oh, but, Miss Pinky, I thought you’d be mad”.  Uh yea, I am mad…but now, it’s been compounded… it’s simple math, really… .multiple the madness times 1000.. there ya go, THAT’S how MAD I am NOW…. and the funny thing is, that now, you’ve shot yourself in the foot because I want ZERO to do with you.  I don’t make amends for lack of common sense.

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