Pink Shoes & Poison

Today has been a wonderful day~ My most favorite moneyslave of all (My husband) took Me shopping… I think I must have tried on about 20 different pair of shoes and I settled on a cute pair of Lilly Pulitzer pink high wedge espadrilles.  I also got a bottle of perfume: Dior Poison and then we went antique hunting and I found a great little black cat figurine to add to My vintage halloween collection.  I’m exhausted and am going to take a little nap, but I am considering doing *shoe cam* sessions a bit later…so be on the lookout.




    • misspinkygalore

      oh, I can top that.. lol
      I keep forgetting that I have to tell you this: I had a super intense dream last week where you and I were in some sex/fetish club in Vegas and we were having a severe make-out session… I woke up panting and then hysterically laughing… thought you’d appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

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