Pink Sissy Sucker

OMG I had such a fun call on my Sissy Exposure listing the other day! This horny pervert was on the phone w/me while walking through crowded midtown Manhattan in the middle of the day surrounded by pretty ladies and handsome men. *We* went into a sex shop and I instructed him on what to purchase: a pair of pink panties, matching stockings, and a vibrating butt plug. Naturally, this got him all worked up and rather than let all the excitement ooze out into the ugly blue panties that sissy had on under the stupid man clothes, I ordered him to go downstairs to the video booths and change into the new, much preferred, pink ensemble. It didn’t take very long before I heard loud gasping and sucking and slobbing on some rando knob that was in the glory hole, O M G, what a SLUT! Like a good girl should, sissy took all his cum and minced home in her sticky pink panties (under man clothes again~ booooo!) and reported back with a tribute and stated the desire to hurry up and do it all over again!
Today I got this: “This is a picture of what I recently wore at the glory hole when I sucked a big black cock. He shot on my face and in my mouth after a good 30 minutes of sucking, gagging, jerking and deep throating. I then left and walked to the port authority to catch my bus home to my wife with the cum on my face. Lol. ” pink sissy panties

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