puke puke everywhere

I haven’t thrown up in over 10 years.. I hate to puke.. it just freaks me out~ I’ll never understand how someone could force themselves to do it ..blech… anyway, I had a weird dream last night: My mouth felt full, my teeth ached~~ I shifted my jaws back and forth and started to run. I was running so fast, I sailed thru the air~~ when I touched down, I was in a public bathroom with a long row of sinks and and a group of women milling about. I grabbed one of the sinks and leaned my head down over it. My knuckles were white from gripping so hard and I glanced at myself in the mirror above the sink and saw that my face appeared to be glowing. I opened my mouth and saw gleaming bits of silver and pearl. I bowed my head down again, and let the flow begin: jewels, coins, peals, silver rings, diamonds, and other gemstones~ they all poured out of my mouth like molten lava. When it was over, and my mouth was empty, I rubbed my aching jaws and smiled.


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