pulpito’s soggy snowman

Pulpito came crawling back after a few years of wandering and sniffing about at the back door like a stray kitten.. he’s been doing a great job with making Me giggle & suprising Me with gifts. Because of he and My sweaterguy, I will definitely be needing a new closet and dresser to store the heaps of angora and cashmere that have been rolling in. Yesterday we had our first snowfall, and I got to wear My new houndstooth wool coat… loves it! It looks so fabulous w/My new black crinkle patent Coach chelsea bag…yum yum. Those red patent Doc Martens should be here this week & I’m hoping that the nouveau print won’t clash w/the houndstooth coat because I love red, white, & black together… and if it does, oh well, I guess sweaterguy will have to buy Me yet another coat.. !!! Oh, and here is pulpito’s pathetic attempt at My holiday humiliation task of using mashed potato to build a snowman on his stump… this boy has a terrible track record… lol, poor thing can never get it up.

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