Sacrifice yourself for the Ones I LOVE !!!

I have seven cats~ they are all rescues and I love them dearly.  They are doted on as if they were children and I’m sure they live MUCH better lives than most of you cretins.  My oldest boy, Chubbsy, had been exhibiting some serious mouth pain lately~ we thought he might have a cavity, so we took him to our Vet who ended up pulling 4 teeth that were pretty cruddy.  We assumed that would be the end of his woes, but it wasn’t. 

As it turns out, lil Chubbsy (he lost weight and went from 20 lbs down to 15) had what’s proven to be a very common ailment:Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion” where the cat’s body will literally start to reject it’s teeth and cause their immune systems to attack themselves.  Very sad and very very painful.  Soo, yesterday a Vet specialist in oral surgery removed all of his lil teeth! I know , it sounds drastic, but the Vet promised that this would cure him and that he would adapt and be able to eat like normal in no time.  This syndrome is one of the biggest killers of cats in the wild.  What a bizarre evolutionary trait!!! 

The cost of this procedure was $2000 and that’s where YOU come in.  YOU can make yourself feel really really good by sending ME GDs to contribute towards this hefty bill.  You may contact Me directly for other payment opportunities.  Also~~I am seeking any humiliation or pain sluts who are interested in performing tasks directly related to what lil Chubbsy has just experienced as well as the 14 day humili-period he’ll endure wearing his *cone of shame*.  Pay up for pussy!!!

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