self awareness- some people just don’t have a clue

Isn’t it funny how so many people go through life without knowing who they are? They just glide along like sponges, absorbing other people’s characteristics and opinions as needed…but then there are those who are SO self aware, and SO content with themselves that it’s intoxicating!!! I had a phone/cam session last night with a new sissy and what a refreshing experience it was! This sissy was so full of joy that even when I was throwing insult darts at her big fat fanny, she would just jiggle with glee, as if to shake them off. I’ve never met someone who was so happy about being humiliated. We had a great time , I’ve not laughed SO hard in a long while, my cheeks were hurting from smiling.

I met a man last week at a cocktail party~ a friend of friends and a total *doormat snore* type, but anyway, he was
telling me about his new girlfriend, specifically about how he does not
understand why SHE doesn’t understand why he’s “so nice” to her. When I
asked him to clarify what “so nice” was, he told me that in their 3
month relationship he has already taken her on 2 trips and bought her a
very expensive diamond necklace from Tiffanys (valentines prezzie) and that earlier that day they’d
been out shopping and he’d purchased her a pair of $200 sunglasses. I
watched his face as he told me all this.. I could see his eyes get that
*faraway* look.. it was great!.. and as he began to *come to*, I said
to him, “It feels good, doesn’t it? To give her those things, to spend
the money on her…” He heartily agreed and said that he just wished
that she would not behave as if she didn’t deserve such luxuries. Now,
had she been at the party, too, I would have snatched her up and filled
her in… she doesn’t realize what power she’s missing out on, lol. Talk about not having a clue… geesh.

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