Sissy Exposure Challenge

This sensual challenge is SO easy, even a sissy can do it! All you need is $25, a “pair of balls”… giggle… and a crush! Complete this challenge, send me PROOF of completion as described within. If you prove you did it, I’ll have a special exposure reward for you! Omgggg you are SO ready to do this for ME!

Exposure Challenge
Omg, you’ve been telling me all about the hot guy at work and how it’s soooo hard for you to focused because of him. How many times have you had to run to the bathroom to tickle your dicklet because he looked your way, said Hello, or was even just in the same room as you. Omg you are soooo hot for him, it’s time to let him know!
Surprise him with a gift, SendAPantygram to him! Bait him with sexy lingerie and gain his complete attention! When he gets his special gift he will have no idea who sent him a pair of red heart shaped panties! Omg such a tease! Who would send him such a thing at the office? The card attached will let him know that he has a romantic private message waiting for him on the pantygram site from his secret admirer. Make your message hot..spill your sissy goo all over it! Tell him how you are creaming yourself to model those slutty red panties for him and that you’re squealing with delight at the thought of begging to give him a blowie in the break room! When he checks your private message, you’ll get an email alert.. omg instant exposure boner!

(How to provide proof: Send me a screenshot of proof of purchase )

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