Sissy Pity Party

I was contacted by a random sissy a few weeks ago who was intrigued by an old blog post of Mine from last year regarding the turducken cake fucking task~ Glutton For Punishment.  She very much wanted to try it but was unable to purchase the whole cake and , while at first we thought a slice of this massive cake would do the trick, she offered to make her own version. 

Sissy homemaker baked 2 cakes, stacked them on top of each other and decorated them, herself, and her room in an uber pink princess sissy valentines day theme at My demand.  For a first timer, this sissy did a fab job in the *omg I want to impress Miss Pinky* department…and …..she’s not a fat, ugly, old cow like most of you.  She actually looks good all dolled up and has a decent wardrobe and makeup selection.  I’m kicking Myself that I effed up on the video recording.  I was laughing so damn hard during her show that I didn’t even notice it wasn’t recording! I did take some after shots at the end though.. lol, the aftermath.

So, sissy started off by entertaining Me with some song and dance~ Happy Valentine’s Day sung to the tune of Happy Birthday To You, The ABC’s song (which she wasn’t sure she remembered), and finally… the highlight~ Ring Around The Rosey.  This one was sung as she danced and twirled around the cake.  When cued by the line: …"and they all fall DOWN!" , she sat on Miss Cakey’s face (plopped her bare ass down onto it), and then she spun around and began a feeble attempt to show her new girlfriend a good time. 

According to sissy, she’d not had any orgasms in over a week and she was afraid of being a 2 pump chump.  LOL, I think she lasted all of about 5 minutes.  I was laughing hysterically and jeering for what seemed like hours, but it was barely a few minutes.  My sides were aching.  As I shouted insults at her regarding the minute size of her sissy clit and how cake fucking was the closest she’d be coming to a real vagina, she moaned and thrusted…bimbo horror show! 

She was quite inspiring, however, and I think I blurted out some of the funniest, meanest humiliation one liners ever!!!  When she knew it was getting to be time to give her girl, Miss Cakey, a pearl necklace for Vday, she asked if she should pull out in order to get up and adjust the cam to be closer for the money shot… lol …"go ahead", I cooed, "Miss Cakey, won’t even notice you’re gone!"…and of course, she didn’t.
That drove sissy to the edge and I allowed her about 3 seconds worth of post frosting bliss and then I dropped the bomb that it was now time to make out w/Miss Cakey~ time for cake to meet face. Sissy looked up at Me with doe eyes and pouty lips and asked, "Are you sure?".   OMG… the tone of her voice and her timing… set Me off into peals of laughter once again.  Yes, I’m sure.  Do it! Then she said: "Oh Miss Pinky, all this laughing is giving me another boner!"

Hahahah poor sissy smashed her china doll made up face right into Miss Cakey and smooched as if her life depended on it.  When she came up for air, the look of utter sadness on her face brought Me such joy!!! Sigh, I live for those moments!  I ordered her to go clean up and while she did, that’s when I realized the video had not worked… and guess what… yup, more gut busting laughter.  Right then, cocksucker angie popped online~ I’d completely spaced that I was going to let angie watch the show.  We’d started early, and I forgot to let the cocksucker know.  Oops! Too late! And now it became double sissy pity party!!! Hahahahha! Win! Win for Me!

I ordered sissy to brag to angie about how she was treated to over 20 minutes worth of hearing My voice and laughter knowing that would make angie even more pathetic, sad, and jealous than she naturally is.  I’ve owned angie for about 4 years now and she’s lucky to hear My voice in snippets a few times a year….if at all.  Then we did some post mayhem shots of sissy showing off her cunny cake licking skills while angie licked the window. 

Well, these pics pretty much suck, you’ll just have to imagine how much fun we had.  I’ve already warned sissy that since St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner, we’ll be doing a *green* version next.  I hope she’s got a leprechaun outfit!

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