sissy sweetpea gets his 1st panties

So… I’ve been wanting a diaper sissy for a long long time.. not just any diaper sissy, but a really cute one.. one that wouldn’t make Me want to hurl every time I looked at him.  When I was in My mid twenties, I dated a diaper sissy for a short time.. dated probably isn’t the right term.. we met in a fetish club and soon our sessions turned hot and steamy.. and not in a shitty diaper kind of way, lol.  It didn’t last very long because like alot of Dommes I know, it’s really difficult to have a serious relationship with someone you consider beneath you.. it starts to feel toxic.  So we continued to session once in awhile when we saw each other out at the clubs, but it was never the same and I’ve been holding a place in My heart for another diaper sissy ever since.
Anyway, this stupid blizzard had amped up My boredom level one day and I decided to cruise collarme and I met this adorable sissy.  For the past week, he’s proven himself to be a very good boy on many levels and I’m looking forward to training him. He’s in chastity and has slept in diapers almost every night this week. I’ve named him *sweetpea* and yesterday he got his first very own pair of panties. 
The 3 pair he’d stolen from his girlfriend don’t count, even though he bought them for her.  If you want to read his journal, he’s on LJ as  .
His assignment was to print out a letter I’d written and take it to a fetish store to give to a salesperson who would then assist him with the rest of his task of purchasing the panties and then changing into them in the store dressing room to wear home under his jeans.   He also had to have the salesgirl sign the letter and *grade* him.. turns out she was an ex schoolteacher and was super into the whole thing so I’ll definitely be sending him back for more in depth assignments.  It went very well and here are some pics of his journey.


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