sissy trip updates

Cocksucker angie is nearing the $1200 mark for cash earned from giving $20 blowjobs. Every penny that will be spent on this trip is being funded by angie’s cum guzzling mouth.  I’ve begun booking our trip to New Orleans for Halloween and found her the cutest little room at a gay B&B in the Marigny~ she’s got a single room with a shared bath, lol, she’s fantasizing about sitting in there with the door open and waiting to see who drops their balls in her mouth first! The pool area looks really pretty and it’s clothing optional, so I’m envisioning some great photo shoots there…
Myself and the other Dommes that are going are all staying uptown at a 4star hotel, naturally.
Now all that’s left to do is book the flights.  Angie is only allowed to stay 2 nights, but I’m going to stay longer… I love New Orleans and would move back there in a heartbeat.
Oh, and I also have to decide on if I’ll wear a costume for the parade… or just dress up.. I put a few cute *dark* fetish nurse outfits on My amazon list, but I don’t know if I really want to wear those.. they are cute, but unoriginal.  Angie , of course, will be dressed as a whore.  

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