slaveboy job fair

My Wish List

Aside from regularly owned slave positions, I have the following *mini* positions available, too…

**brain massager*: this slave will be required to participate in philosophical discussions as well as purchase wishlist items that stimulate My intelligence..ex: NY Times Crossword books, research books, arthouse film dvds, etc. (items are clearly marked on my wishlist: brain massager)

*panty-pleaser*: yes, you guessed.. you’ll be responsible for keeping my overflowing panty drawer stocked. No spending minimum or maximum. Items can be purchased from My amazon wishlist or

*beautyslaves*: you are responsible for purchasing one (or more) beauty product (hair, makeup, skincare, or perfume) on a weekly basis. There is no spending minimum or maximum. Gift certificates from also count.


*coffee-tron*:This position requires you to either send Me Starbucks gift cards or
purchase coffee beans from a wishlist that you’ll be provided
with…because if I don’t have coffee, you won’t have a nice day.

*cabana boy*: you will go on “virtual vacations” with Me by contributing to My vacation spending fund as well as purchasing items I may need for travel. I want to go to Vienna & Prague within the next year.

*fancy feet*: This position is for foot worship fanatics ~you’ll be responsible for purchasing either one pair of shoes per month or one pair of stockings/socks a week…these boys will be rewarded with photos, of course.

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