slaves say the darndest things…

I get some really cute emails from you guys sometimes.  It’s so funny to me how you are completely wrapped around my pretty pink pinky finger that you literally cannot bear to have a single drop of control over your own lives…. Read this one I got this morning..

“Dear Miss Pinky, I would like to have my GreedySnobs account deleted.  I had to go to my guidance counselor at work.  I told her how I felt about you.  She said I need to get away from you completely, to stop talking to you, and to delete all contact with you.  I had to talk to someone, you just don’t know how I feel about you.  So please delete my account and let me go.  Thanks.”

My reply was a simple: “We don’t delete accounts.”  The funny part is that he already knows this and has asked me the same question over and over again for years.  Poor little junkie, doesn’t he realize he just doesn’t need to log in anymore?

Teeheehee! wink wink.

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