Financial Domination Phone Lines

Assertive, aggressive, alpha female seeks weak, meek, beta male moneyslaves.
Spoil me! Sacrifice for me! Purge your paycheck and splurge on me!

Financial Emasculation and Luxury Castration are a huge turn ons…
You DO want me to feel good, don’t you ?? Of course you do!
Findom Recorded Listing: Financial Seduction Compulsion

Give it all to a snobby, bossy, lovingly cruel Mistress…
Be a good boy, get on your knees, and take out your wallet, it’s time to play!
Financial Seduction is only a phone call away…

Call Mistress Pinky Galore for phone sex on

Call me. Beg me to hurt you in ways that only a high maintenance, greedy nymph can!

I want you to ache for me, I want it to hurt you, and even then, I’ll never be satisfied.
Findom Recorded Listing: Seducing You Out Of Every Last Cent

The urge to spoil me will come naturally to you. The desire to shower me with gifts
will replace bad habits and selfish urges to only please yourself.

Go ahead, splurge!
I control your destiny one day at a time. 
Every breath you take, every dollar you make~~ it’s all for ME.
Findom Recorded Listing: My Pretty Red Buttons

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