Stuff your pie hole…

Assignment: Pie Eating Contest

It’s been almost a year since I last ran this contest, now it’s been updated,
so let’s see who steps up to the plate, I mean trough….
want each of you to come up with a recipe for the most disgusting pie
ever. Each recipe must include these 3 items: A readymade pie shell, peanut butter,
and any flavor of creamy salad dressing. Each recipe must have a minimum of 7
ingredients total (including the 3 already listed).. so you need to add
at least 4 more. The pie can be baked or eaten raw~ that is the only
choice you have in this contest, lol!!!
. The winner of the most disgusting recipe (determined by Me, of
course) will be required to eat the pie on cam for Me. What is your
prize, you ask? Well, not only will you have the honor of personally
performing for Me, but I will be on cam, too.. watching you and trying
not to pee Myself from laughing or puke from gagging!!!!


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