stupid thieving cunts

This is a crosspost from MFDS.. and p.s. I never did cam verify her & I don’t even know if she was going to get on cam, so for all I know, she might be a fake on top of a thief.

I am seriously sick that we have to keep bringing this topic up. 

People need to write their own damn profiles…and seriously? To steal from an Admin?? I was just getting ready to verify this girl and was viewing her profile here when I thought to Myself: Wow, we have alot in common! Then I thought: Wow! That text sounds familiar, lol, I know I’ve read that somewhere.  Duh! It was MINE!!! It was taken directly from an old myspace profile that I made in 2006 and deleted over a year ago, if not longer, but is still archived here:  To make matters worse, she denied it , and then when I showed her the link, she didn’t even apologize… or even try to make up some stupid excuse like: oh a slave did it for me.. can’t tell ya how many times we’ve heard that one. 

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