Sub Survey Results

     Thank you so much to all the boys on various sites who participated in My 20 Questions Survey!!! Here are the results, I hope you find them as interesting as I do.
     70% of the subs/slaves who took the survey are currently serving…the other 30% are searching for the *perfect Domme* or just trying to decide whether or not this fetish is really for them…
 and we Ladies know that often times they are the same thing, lol. 

     The boys who are not currently serving claim it’s due to circumstance (financial, emotional, marital, etc) and not by choice.
     Out of those who are currently serving, 70% will or want to nurture their financial fetish, while the other 30% have mixed feelings and/or are trying to get out.
     Also, out of those who are currently serving, 80% are devoted to one Domme, while the other 20% slut around with only half of them being open about it to the Dommes they serve.
     Out of all the applicants serving, a shocking 70% do online only, while out of the other 30% only 10% of them do realtime only.
     90% of subs meet or have met Dommes online either via chatroom, findom network site, or web browsing, while only 10% met outside the internet.
     Half of the boys are on regulated tribute schedules and the ones who are not admit they are fearful of doing so or prefer to binge.
     Half of the boys say if the relationship wasn’t working out they would attempt communication & repair with their Domme while 40% weren’t sure or say it depends on the Domme, and 10% would rather run/take the easy way out.
     Out of all those who have experience serving, the length of time for their longest relationship ranged from 3 weeks to 5 years.
     When asked if they felt proud or ashamed of their financial fetish, 40% said both, 20% are ashamed, 20% say neither, 10% are indifferent, and only 10% of you admit to being proud.
     When asked if they consider themself a pervert, half of the subs said yes, 40% said no, and 10% were undecided.
     Regarding the question: "Was bdsm a gateway drug to financial slavery or was it the reverse?"
Half said yes, 20% say the reverse, and 30% say they were born with their financial fetish and/or don’t involve themselves with bdsm.
     70% of the subs claim to have felt submissive most of their lives and can recall their very 1st experience with a non familiar dominant woman.
     Only 30% admit to having traditional vanilla/romantic feelings for their Domme.
     Regarding their involvements with chastity and for how long,40% answered yes, they’d gone anywhere from a week to 6 months.  The other 40% had never engaged in it and the final 20% had experimented with orgasm control but not chastity.

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