Subby Buffet (repost of an oldie but goodie)

I posted this on mfds about 4 years ago… reposting here for fun…

This fetish offers such a bountiful buffet of boys~~some sweet, some tart~~ some salty, some bland. I’ve encountered so many different kinds of subs: drive-by dorks who *donate* and run (no chitchat, etc), washed out Wall St. types who want to *invest*,  high maintenance sissy sluts, newbies looking to *find their place*, sad-sack doormats who adore abuse, blackmail bitches,  humiliation pigs (My personal fave), and self-indulgent sugar daddies who want their little red corvettes stroked… they all have their own little niches…and there are plenty of hungry Women here just waiting to eat them alive!!!

   …lol.. I have revamped the famous Emma Lazarus poem a bit here:

< Give me your tired, your soon-to-be poor,

Your butt-plugged asses yearning to
breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your cock sucking whores.


Send these, the compulsive,
temptation obsessed to Me,


I lift my lamp beside the golden

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