subspace & supernovas

I know I’m not the only one who gets high off of a good mindfuck.. yesterday I rode that high all day and into the night.  It seemed like everytime I was about to relax and ease into the reality of *coming down*, My lucky stars would just ram into some other poor little boy who wanted to zip around subspace in his little Buck Rogers silver spacesuit.  So up, up, up, and away I would go again.  Floating mindlessly…weightlessly… one hand on the throttle and the other waving out the window to those below Me….all the while My little spaceboys trailing along behind Me in awe. I am a supernova.  My brain came so hard yesterday that today it hurts.. it aches.. it needs to be pet and stroked.  It’s dirty and needs to be cleaned.  I’ll be detoxing with a massage later on.  I will be refreshed. The planets will realign…and then it will start all over again.  See you tonite, My little astronaut.

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