sweet chastity

sweetpea is My adorable new little playpet.. he wants nothing more in life than to be a good girl for Me, locked up & helpless under My command… sweetpea has a cb3000 chastitiy device to which there are 2 keys… one is being kept by his girlfriend and he has the other for emergencies… well now I will be controlling that one…. ahh sweet chastity! sweetpea’s girlfriend isn’t into chastity~ she just humors him.  I find it humorous that she would actually waste her time with his little skintag clitty…. there has to be more to the story~ I’m betting that she’s got a piece on the side and his being in chastity isn’t the only thing she humors him about. hahahha!&

Ok, so I gave sweetpea 2 choices as his last hurrah before playing Freeze the Key.. he could have either 10 minutes to stroke 10 times or 5 minutes to stroke 25 times.  If he managed to make cummies, great.. but if not, oh well, too bad & so sad!  Here is how it went this morning.

pinky galore: yea!
pinky galore: ok let Me know when to start the clock.. and I need to be able to count your strokes
pinky galore: lol how many did I say?
sweetpea: you said 10 minutes
pinky galore: but how many strokes
sweetpea: well it was 10 minutes OR 25 strokes
pinky galore: noooo no it was not
pinky galore: I will go back and look it up
pinky galore: it was 10 min & 10 strokes
pinky galore: or 5 min and 25 strokes
sweetpea: oooo i didn’t see that
pinky galore: dumb sissy
sweetpea: uh oh
pinky galore: ya
pinky galore: duh
sweetpea: i’ll do the 5 min then an 25 strokes?
pinky galore: hahahhah
pinky galore: ok
pinky galore: you have to lower the cam though
sweetpea: given im a lil tight on time 5 minutes is perfect hehe
pinky galore: hahahhaha
pinky galore: you are a lucky sissy, aren’t you!
sweetpea: extremely Mommy
pinky galore: good girl
pinky galore: ok, ready?
sweetpea: yes Mommy
pinky galore: ok go!
pinky galore: stop
pinky galore: I counted 25
sweetpea: 🙁
pinky galore: hahahhahahahhahah
sweetpea: im so close
pinky galore: too bad for you sissy..
pinky galore: maybe if you’re lucky your gf will want your wimpy clit in her snatch tonite
sweetpea: yes Mommy
pinky galore: lock it up bitch
sweetpea: yes Mommy
sweetpea: let me bring it in the bathroom
pinky galore: hahahhahah
pinky galore: click click click
pinky galore: lol
sweetpea: 🙂
pinky galore: are you ready to fill your bottle now?
sweetpea: yes Mommy
pinky galore: great
sweetpea: and its a pinkk bottle for a Sissy
pinky galore: purrrrrrrrrrfect!
pinky galore: nice
pinky galore: in the bottle it goes
pinky galore: lol
pinky galore: good sounds I bet.. metal on plastic… then the rush of the liquid to fill it up

pinky galore: drowning your freedom …horny slutty pissy sissy

So now the bottle is in the freezer… the key can only be removed if I say so, and sweetpea knows he has to defrost the pee and drink it in order to get the key.  I wonder if anyone wants to place bets on how long he can make it before he’s on his knees begging to defrost his own piss?

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