Tanning Your Hide & Mine….

     I won’t be around from Sunday to Wednesday~ I’ll be in Florida visiting My brand spankin’ shiny new nephew.  Yeppers, I became an Aunt (1st time!) a few weeks ago, so I’m gonna go inspect the product, lol.  I’m staying at a gorgeous Italian Tuscan themed hotel (paid for by schwein, natch!) that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the beach, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit of a tan.  I definitely need a little color before I go to Asia, otherwise I’ll burn for sure.  So… if I don’t get tan this week, I’ll definitely need a few trips to the tanning salon~ consider your wallet forewarned, lol. 

    In other news, it seems that My sissy cocksucking slut, Angie, is still having trouble with her weightloss and she’s being a scared piglet and acting out by avoiding Me and not updating her blogs.  If you see her on site here, feel free to harass her ~ make her run~ maybe she’ll shed a few more pounds.

     I’ve decided that after having a Clips4Sale store for a few months that it’s really not *Me* and I’ll be closing it down when I get back.  I’ll still make videos here and there, but marketing and commerce and ugh…the dreaded: promotion… those things have no place in MY FemDom routine.  I’ll also be shutting down all of My Niteflirt lines aside from the FinDom line.  The recordings will stay up as they are used for hypno punishments.

     Hmmm.. what else… to say that I’m obsessed with planning My trip to Asia is an understatement.  Chances are that if you don’t see Me online, it’s because I’m buried head first in research… there is just so much to do and I dont’ want to miss a thing.  Oh! If anyone wants to be sent postcards from Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Cambodia), get in touch.  Boys , of course, will have to pay for this service, however, for My Lady friends, it’s on My tab.  Ok, I guess that about wraps it up for now…..


  1. changes ahead!
    I am so excited for your Asian excursion, I still cannot believe you are only taking a carry on, lol.
    I had a C4S but I let it close because I didn’t update it… it’s a weird place that is. I feel like in how most people use it, it’s like a place to both pimp and whore yourself about. I’d like to try it with actual femdom products. The stores that sell real femdom videos don’t seem as bad.

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