Tantalizing Tid-beet…

I don’t often interact with the subs that adore Me.  I see no reason to.  However, every once in awhile they get lucky and are treated to a snippet of conversation with Me.  Here’s a tiny tidbit from one I had yesterday with a little mouse….I rather like the beet metaphor…

him: I’m 10 shades of red right now

Me: I know you are, I can feel it.  I can feel your want pressing against Me like an invisible field of mock power.

him: Mmmmmmm omg I am a total mess

Me: Of course you are.  You are red like a bitter beet…growing backwards..further into the ground below My feet.  Adorn Me.  I want feathers and jewels and flowers in My hair.  I want beautiful shoes on My feet.

him: You could crush me.

Me: The lead in your veins is getting heavier…weighing down your ability to resist.

him: Omg, I am trembling, I can’t believe I am entertaining this.

Me: You’re falling…like a pink snowflake…through the frigid air on a bitter cold night.  You hear nothing but the whistling of all sensibility rushing past you.  The only thing that seems right is to keep falling….to give in….to let go.

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