The Bitch is Back

hahah yes, I’m back.. got in around 2am last night.. I’m exhausted to say the least. I’ll just give a quickie wrap up ~ overall, I did NOT like Dallas (as a city)~ not a bit, the layout sucks… however, the people were all super nice and polite, and that made up for it. We stayed at the Prava Suites which was across the street from the amazing Galleria. The hotel was impeccable!!! It’s rated 3.5 stars, but I think it should be higher. The lobby has a huge atrium skylight and a glass elevator~ very heavenly. The pool and whirlpool were really clean and great for lounging. So, in between lounging, shopping, a trip the the spa, and going to art museums, I did manage to squeeze in the whole reason for going to Dallas, haha: the Tom Waits show.

Ok, omg… I can’t even describe how amazing it/he was. Purely magical. For those of you that are fans, you know how rare it is for him to perform. Needless to say, the venue was packed, probably about 2000 people there and because it was general admission we got there early and waited in line to get in~ the line was 2 blocks long!!! It was worth it, because we were able to get a good location to stand~ front and center of the stage~ with a great view (until some asshole wearing a cowboy hat stood in front of me~ but, well, I few pointy toe kicks and jabs with my monster size patent leather purse got him to move pretty quickly). Tom played alot of old favorites, including Lie To Me and Innocent When You Dream, so I was really happy about that.

So, yea, back to business as usual. Need to buckle down and start planning my trip to japan/china for the fall. Wanderlust never leaves.


    • misspinkygalore

      live vicariously
      I think there will be alot of footage popping up on youtube… I plan on hunting for some tonite. I would have taken pics/video , myself, but I was told the club would be confiscating any cellphones or cameras so I didn’t bring one…then of course once the show started, people mysteriously started using theirs…. the security there was verrry lax… wish I’d known, lol~~ it wasn’t at all like baltimore or nyc club security!

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