Time To Pay: Findom Trigger Therapy

This clip is like super slick & sticky lube for your wallet! I designed it to be played on loop until you are 100% totally drained and it’s a fantastic accompaniment to poppers or cocktails!!! Do you wake up feeling fearful that you might forget to pay me? Set this as your alarm to start each day with a click and pay conditioning session. My sexy suggestions are firmly impressed on your brain! My mesmerizing triggers get buried SO deep, you’ll feel them tingling throughout the day, compelling you to come and pay! Yessss! For even GREATER effect, (enhance your morning wood!), couple this clip with my “Loser Wake Up Call” clip and/or “ca$h Tease Dream Girl” clip. Oh, how I love to mind-fuck your mushy mentality into monetary submission! This psychedelic findom fetish mindfuck clip features layers upon layers of my velvety voice and erotic illusion imagery to reinforce and reprogram your mind to increase it’s natural desire to pay me.

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