TKO by the FLU

Omg.. I have had the flu for 3 days now… it’s been awful, I’m kind of starting to feel a bit better this morning~~ I forced myself to eat toast yesterday, but other than that, it’s been nothing but water and ice chips.  The body aches are unbearable.  I am in definite need of a massage.  Gift certificates to or GD reloads should be sent to: …just because I feel like crap and am not here to discipline you brats doesn’t mean that you can just run rampant~~ make yourselves useful.  For the record, I’ve not had the flu since I was a little kid.. I am just NOT the type to get sick.  I’m strong like bull.  


  1. goddessvaruna

    Ew, flu!? 🙁 Feel better soon.
    Definitely save the massage for after you are better though. I’ve made the mistake of getting one when I was sick, it isn’t so pleasant.

    • misspinkygalore

      sick first, massage after
      good call! hahah yea, I have a friend who got some major tattoo work done on her back while she had pneumonia (she was unaware she had it, it was walking pneumonia), and it essentially rattled up all the fluid and mucus in her lungs and shot her body temperature up so high that she ended up in the hospital for a few days (where she was diagnosed)… ok, not the same as getting a massage while having the flu, but you know what I mean, lol.

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