Toxic Cocktail, Penis Brain, & Poison Control

Open wide, sick boys! It’s time to take your MindFuck Meds!

You’re parched for me, you ache for my liquid seduction!

Miss Pinky’s Toxic Cocktail will go down like a spoonful of sugar!

My poisonous potion has a potent pickled garnish!  Get sloshed and stay stupid! Boozey losers LOVE my extreme humiliation tasks, and OMG this one is really GROSS and will really fuck you up!!  Have fun!

Don’t forget to call and tell me all the dirty details on how you got all liquored up for me!
This task includes an instructional overlay on a glamorous printable photo perfect for your MPG altar.
ONLY available on IWantClips!

Also NEW: Another Penis Brain Pop Quiz for you to take!

Chase it with a shot of Poison Control!

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