Treat Me To This

So~ YES~ I had a super fab vacation, of course! I’ve been super busy since I got back last week and just didn’t have a chance to fill you in on it… So, I flew to New Orleans and spent a few days doing the usual~ shopping, consuming, and relaxing. As my loyal readers know, New Orleans is a place where I not only used to live, but I return to quite often.. like some sort of homing pigeon. The French Quarter is like a giant magnet that pulls me in…
So yea, had a blast!!! In spite of the fact that there was a crazy cold front and I had to buy a scarf! I hadn’t even packed a jacket but I did have a plethora of cute lil cardigans, so I made do… Ok, I admit it… I shopped for a coat! I just didn’t find any that I liked šŸ˜‰ It’s a shame that mouche (my greek banker sweater boy turned coat boy turned Tiffany’s boy is dealing with financial crisis… he would have loved to be the lucky one to buy a new wrap for me and save me from my perilous state of unexpected chill!!!
But the highlight? I got to have cocktails with Mistress Alice !!! It was soooo much fun! We spent a few hours together giggling and carrying on and realizing that the world is even smaller than we suspected~ we have alot of the same friends in common and the time spent with her was fantastic~ can’t wait to do it again!

After a few days in NOLA, hubby and I rented a car (duh, no, I didn’t do any of the driving~ he’s the chauffeur (and the maid!)!) and took a leisurely 2 day drive over to Florida. We had fun taking pics of old motel signs and poking around antique shops & roadside peanut stands. Oh we got a really cool (sarcastic) souvenir from the Panhandle~ a nice $280 speeding ticket!!! Ooops! We took our time cruising the rest of the way down the coast, spent a few leisurely days in South Florida and then flew back home.//

Happy to say that not one red cent of MY money was spent on this trip~ all of it was furnished by tributes to my GD card and littletoddy’s (MY) Discover card šŸ™‚ I lost my favorite red sparkle sunglasses in New Orleans~ NO clue where or how. All of a sudden, they were just.. poof! GONE! Totes lame… and I need to replace them. Well, I did purchase a replacement pair on vacation~ but they are just a goof~ $10 cheapos but super cute! They are turquoise and tortoise shell ~ big ole round lenses with rhinestones… hubby asked if I thought I was Elton John.. I took it as a compliment :)~~ So, yea, I need NEW red sunglasses. I added a super cute pair from Tres Noir to my Amazon Wishlist ~ the model name is UtraLux ~ ~how appropriate! They also come in tortoise, so I added those, too. Get me BOTH!!!Ā  Or send a gift cert, lazybones!!!Ā  I love Tres Noir glasses so much, I even made a Fashion post about them on GreedySnobs ! Check it out here! Ooops! Can’t see it because you’re not a member? Beg for an invite!

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