Truth Serum Kit

You need to hear the truth, no more sparing your feelings…

You need to hear my words cutting to your core, no more protecting you…

You need to see my lips, plump pink vessels of destruction…

You need to see my eyes, sparkling pools where ice queens bathe…

Open wide, climb into my smile, lie down in my sneer…

Swallow whole, embrace your addiction…

Sink into my spiral of rejection!

More bang rejection for your buck!

Truth Serum Kit (Click for preview) contains 3 of my sensual rejection clips bundled together in a pretty little package: Cruel Truth, Painful Truth (both previously released), & Not Interested (aka Rejection Spiral and it’s brand spankin’ new!). Oh, and speaking of little packages, wtf is going on down there?
Ewwwww! truthserumbutton
And you wonder why I want nothing to do with you?

OMG I’m SO generous, even if you already bought Cruel Truth and Painful Truth when I originally released them, you don’t have to buy the Kit to get to watch Rejection Spiral! My poison works the same in sips as it does in gulps! Now bend over and take your meds, sweetie!

Rejection Spiral (Click for preview)
You try SO HARD to get my attention, but NOPE, it’s not working, is it? Nope, I’m not interested! Keep trying! Maybe next time! Sink deeper into my pink spiral of sensual rejection! Clip is 6min 38sec long and features ME: Miss Pinky Galore, MY mocking laughter, MY prize winning smile, and MY superior snobby sensuality!

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