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So we all know that LJ is dead (there should be bumper stickers.. like the old "Disco is Dead!" ones lol) and that’s the main reason I’ve not been posting very often here… in addition to the fact that I’m super effing busy…BUT… since I use this as a *hub* for all the other sites that I’m on, I suppose I really shouldn’t just let it dry up… you know, like your sex life… dry, brittle, full of cobwebs… yea, that.
So what’s new? Wellll… most of you know that I was seriously ill for months… technically years, but I didn’t know what was going on… I had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove my gallbladder because (now I know) it was in a severe chronic state of disease.  Symptoms? Very very vague.  Cause? No reason at all.  I would get these weird *sensations* like a pressure in my ribcage… like I was wearing a very very tight corset.  They would come and go and I would ignore them and wrote it off as *aging* lol.  Um yeah… here is some advice~ apparently gallbladder disease is a HUGE and very common problem for women and the gallbladder is like the appendix… you can live without it and you don’t even really need it.  So, they snatched mine out and now I’m left with 4 (I thought it would just be 3) inch long little slit scars and I’m on the road to feeling WAY better.  The first week was pretty rough and I am still not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs but that’s ok.. I like making the boys do all the chores anyway, so that’s no big loss.
Hooray for the boys who sent lots of get well and gift cards~ you are so sweet!   Apparently losing an organ created some sort of magnetic pull because 3 of my old fave (I use that term lightly~ by fave I mean that they fall into the category of those that "are able to amuse me greatly") subs fell back into my trap.. I mean lap… 😉  Here is a cute lil poem one of them wrote for me last night…

When Mistress Pinky laughs at me

It makes me excited I almost pee

Once her control made me flee

But now I’m back, there’s no other like she

I might have to crawl around on all fours

or walk naked through Scottish moors

Swim across oceans to reach her shore

I really am her silly mare

I’ll play extreme truth or dare

or even wrestle a great big bear

Mistress Pinky take control of me

Even if it means dressing me as a she

Now that I’m feeling better, I can get back on track with working on the www.greedysnobs.com social site.  It’s sort of ridiculous how much fun it’s been building this snobby community.  If you’d asked me a year ago would I want to learn how to build a website with no instructions/training, I would have said "no way", but now I am thrilled to say I have yet another skill under my belt and notch on my lipstick case.  The site is gorgeous and we’re getting ready to roll out even MORE features.  Can you believe it? MORE! That’s how greedy we are… we want our Snobs to have even MORE ways to financially abuse their admirers and victims. 
The site is exclusive, unrivaled, & aristocratic and our Snob members are a reflection of that.  We’ll be sending out a new batch of invites to certain special Ladies in the findom community.  If you feel you’ve been overlooked, please send us an email of inquiry.  You may have been sent an invite that got misplaced in your spambox.  It happens.  The lucky few who receive invites are treated to a limited time FREE guest pass.  When you get your invite, all you have to do is register and choose the Guest Pass option for membership.  Once you’ve fallen in love with the site (and it doesn’t take very long!) you can choose an upgrade option.  We have 3 different membership tiers, although Snobs won’t be interested in the lowest level of Peon 😉  and yes, admirers can choose the upper tiers of First Class & Elite.  Each tier offers more benefits and Snobbery has it’s privileges of FREE advertising and promotion on site and off.  Each tier also has a *victim* option for those boys that want to feel extra sore.  They pay 5x as much as regular with NO extra benefits.  Why? Just because.  We’ve only been open a few months and have sold quite a few victim memberships and there is even a new trend of victims deleting their accounts after purchase JUST for the chance of being able to beg for a new invite and a chance to repurchase a victim membership.  Hysterical!  We LOVE this trend!   All members have the option to delete their accounts at anytime, however, there are no refunds and if you want to rejoin, you’ll need a new invite.  Want to try your luck? Contact Us here and we also offer paid advertising aka *propaganda* for non members.

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