Updates Galore

So of course I am SUPER excited to be hanging out w/Goddesses Sue and Lycia this weekend in New Orleans.  It’s going to be jam packed with tricks and treats and oh boofuckinghoo isn’t it sad that cocksucker_angie fucked up and isn’t allowed to come with Us ?? NOT.   As punishment for not being allowed to attend, angie not only has to hand over $500, but she has to send Me a text every 3 hours and if she is late or misses one, it’s a $20 fine.  That will be her *virtual leash* , as originally she was to be on the end of an actual leash all weekend w/Me.  She has to text and ask how I am doing and if I need anything, etc… that is in addition to having to wear black panties until I return , as she is in mourning over the *death* of her dream….poor pathetic retarded sissy… no use to anyone.  I don’t need her with Me on vacation.. lol, I’ve already got all her cash on My GD card.

I painted My nails yesterday~ they are candy apple red.  You might be thinking: big whoop? but it’s really a big deal for Me because I’m a nail biter and this is the longest My nails have been in years and they look so pretty.  I tortured My hubby w/them last night… raked them up and down his muscular thighs… mmmm glittery red nails on pale Irish flesh… yum yum.

I’ve been having fun exploring hypno trance sessions w/a few boys.. between that and the remote PC play it seems like I’m always in a state of excitement… lol I’ve got a *semi* brain erection 24-7.  Keep it up boys..

Oh! I’m also looking forward to trying Absinthe while I’m in New Orleans… heheh mindfuck in a glass for Me! Woot! If any of you darlings want to be a cocktail or dinner slave while I’m away, you know what to do.. GDs, and lots of them!

Today I’ll be busy packing My suitcases , lol normally I pack super light, but this trip calls for many many many pairs of shoes and wardrobe changes… I’ll be online most of the day~ drop Me a line if you wannna get pinched lol.

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