I’ve been swamped on MFDS lately.. been ignoring My blog here, oh well…here are a few updates:
DailyFoodFucker crapped out of course.. he made it 7 or 8 days I think and then lost momentum.
Have lots of random Southwest giftcard tribs piling up, so looks like I’ll be going to New Orleans in May, I think~ just want to make sure to avoid the Jazzfest crowds.
Angie, the cock gobbler, earned $180 this weekend sucking like a hoover~ that cash goes straight to Me and not towards the Vegas fund (which is slowly growing~ at retard rate, but whatever).  I think she’s got about $600 socked away for that… lol at this rate she won’t be able to afford to go until next year.  Hopefully the her new
xtube page will increase her motivation and amount of potential dicks to siphon.  Oh, and one of her *tricks* even stole her panties.. hahahah cum covered, of course.
Lucky #77’s purchase of a red PVC dress has arrived, but it’s too fucking tight which means more working out~ blah.
Drive by tribs: amazon gcs, sephora, etc…the usual, nothing too terribly exciting.  Oh wait, NOT true~ lol, who sent Me the Beverly Feldmen pony hair animal print pumps? Holy Fuck~ they are STUNNING! I seriously need to take more pics.. I’ve been such a slacker lately.  Oh, and at the moment, I have 2 different Arab boys who want to teach Me to speak Arabic ~ if only I had the time, I’d love to learn it, as I am 50% Syrian.  Damn right.

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