Upping the ante

Yesterday I received the final installment of little jimmy’s *new plan*.  We started off the year w/a weekly set payment amount to be sent once a week on fridays via snail mail and enclosed in a white envelope within a greeting card.  The card must be different every time.  Starting April 1st~ April Fools Day, begins the next phase called *upping the ante* where the amount has been increased by an additional 50% and jimmy will be an april fool until I decide when phase 3 will arrive and what it will involve.  Keep on sweating dingdong..  Here is a grouping of some of the cards from phase one.  This dork is OCD out the ass so this project is purrrrrrfect for him and he’s been performing just like the robot gimp that he truly is inside.  good boy jimmy. xox


  1. Anonymous

    Upping the ante
    This is really interesting and would be even more interesting to know if the sub/victim has any say in this and You could up the ante next year with a “twist” for example 100%.., maybe next year with 150%. Or what do You have up Your sleeve. It is a pity You cannot divulge your thoughts since this is ongoing!
    Wish You prosperous Next year Goddess!
    In AWE
    JohnE (yeboevals)

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